Commercial Fisherman Apprenticeship Program

CFCRI just completed its 2nd Commercial Fisherman Apprenticeship Program! 14 students successfully completed the program and are now beginning their careers as fishermen! Learn more about the program on the apprenticeship program page and check out some pictures on the CFAP 2018 gallery page. 


Working Nation: Commercial Fishing Apprenticeship Program

About Us

Who We Are

The Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island is the home for the Ocean State's commercial fishing  community. The center was founded to preserve commercial fishing as a profession, culture, and way of life through promoting the sustainability of the resource.

Who We Represent

The Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island proudly represents the Ocean State Fisherman’s Association, RI Commercial Fisherman’s Association, RI Lobsterman’s Association, RI Shell fisherman's Association, RI Monk fisherman's Association, Point Judith Memorial Foundation, Atlantic Offshore Lobsterman’s Association, RI Party & Charter Boat Association, Commercial  Fisheries Research Foundation and the Pt.Judith Scholarship Foundation.

Achieving true sustainability in our fisheries is a difficult and complicated feat. But CFCRI believes in cultivating an environment of open communication and encouraging the sharing of knowledge about our ocean and it's resources. In the pursuit of sustainable seas, our approach is innovative, our lens is optimistic, and our goals are ambitious. 


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